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With Blackhawk Claims Service


Overcome the Challenges of Outdated Health Benefits

Blackhawk is focused on delivering an excellent customer experience and superior insurance products to meet your clients’ needs. We leverage innovative technologies and best-in-class partnerships to provide flexible, cost-effective, and turnkey solutions that simplify and streamline benefits programs.


Save Time and Money with the Fastest Quoting Platform in the Industry

Blackhawk has partnered with industry leaders to make getting firm plan quotes even easier. In just two minutes, you receive a firm quote for the enrolled group with the tools to help you succeed. With Blackhawk Claims Service quoting, binding, and administrating small-group level-funded health plans have never been more accessible and integrated.


Discover Predictable and Flexible Solutions

Level-funded plans provide rich benefits and a positive member experience with set monthly payments. Employers receive any unused claims funds, or they can roll over the unused funds to the following year. With Blackhawk’s level-funded plans, employers have access to detailed claims data and can adjust the plan throughout the year.


Combat the Rising Costs of Healthcare

Reference Based Pricing, or RBP, establishes a maximum amount that an employer will pay a provider for each medical service. RBP provides increased savings for both employers and employees, transparent pricing on services, and sustainable health plan options. Blackhawk’s RBP solution provides employers with additional transparency and exceptional customer service to help them find a benefits solution that fits their needs.


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