Blackhawk Claims Service Announces Partnership with Blue Genes to Provide Groups with Prescription Savings and Improved Health Outcomes

Irving, TX (June 8, 2023) – Blackhawk Claims Service, an innovative, market leading third-party administrator (TPA), announced today it has partnered with Blue Genes, an app-based tool that allows patients and providers to personalize medication plans based on drug-to-drug interactions and genetic compatibility. Providing members with an accurate and in-depth understanding of how their genetics interact with their prescriptions results in less risk of adverse drug reactions and reduced costs for patients and providers.

“This partnership will provide Blackhawk groups the opportunity to drastically reduce hospitalizations and prescription costs. Members will be taking the most effective medications, based on their genetics. Members will be empowered with additional information about their prescriptions, so they can make informed decisions and improve their overall health,” Blackhawk Claims Service CEO, Mark Keck, explained.

Blue Genes works by sending high-risk and high-utilization members an at-home test kit to collect their DNA to analyze how their genetics interact with their prescriptions. After the results have been summarized, the information is uploaded to the app for a member to review. When a member goes to a pharmacy and taps their health insurance card at check-out, their Blue Genes app is automatically notified, and a member will receive a push notification if the prescription isn’t compatible with their genetics. If it’s not compatible, Blue Genes provides alternative options for their medications.

“Our unique push notification system allows members to get information about their prescriptions right away, which can be lifesaving. Previously, the information from at-home tests like this goes stale because it’s not consistently evaluated based on medical advancements. With Blue Genes, we’re able to provide members with real-time data and updated information. This leads to fewer hospitalizations and reduced pharmacy spending for groups,” Nick Glimcher, Blue Genes CEO, said.

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About Blue Genes

Blue Genes works with TPAs and PBMs to help reduce pharmacy spending and improve members’ overall health by providing them with the information to make educated decisions about their medications. Their easy-to-use test kit and data-driven assessments allow members to get a full understanding of how their genetics and medications interact. Learn more at

Sterling Worrall
Director of Business Development