ASO Plans

An administrative service only (ASO) plan is a flexible option for businesses with 50+ employees. With an ASO, your business can fund claims, while Blackhawk takes care of processing them. With Blackhawk’s ASO plan, your business pays for claims only when they are incurred. Blackhawk’s ASO plan can be customized according to an employer’s specifications. Our available services include stop loss coverage, COBRA and HIPAA administration non-network negotiation services, subrogation, prescription benefits management, online services for members and employers, and much more.


  • Medical plans with flexible designs
  • Available for groups enrolling 50+ members
  • Minimum to maximum funding 
  • Subrogation
  • Non-network negotiation services
  • Spec / Agg stop loss structure
  • Prescription Benefits Management 
  • COBRA & HIPPA administration
  • Online services for providers, employers, and employees